New stuff

For this blog I thought I would just pass on some ‘things’ that have very recently floated past my screen.

This link will send you to the newly released VET E-Portfolio Roadmap. I haven’t had time to read this yet, and I don’t expect much from it but it is more proof of the fact that eportfolios are growing in status and importance. Some recent discussions I had with Higher Ed people indicate that eportfolios are at the top of their agendas too.
Coincidentally at the same time I received this post. I had applied for this position and was ready for it by instantly being able to send out my eportfolio link. I didn’t get the job but I am ready!
For something a little different the Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills group which I posted on recently has started and has a discussion page up and running which is full of info from all around the world (more stuff). I found this interesting
On 18 December, 2006, the European Parliament and the EU council
decided to recommend that eight key competences for lifelong
learning become part of the education of all young people in
These eight competences are:
1) Communication in the mother tongue;
2) Communication in foreign languages;
3) Mathematical competence and basic competences in science and
4) Digital competence;
5) Learning to learn;
6) Social and civic competences;
7) Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship; and
8) Cultural awareness and expression

They also have a link which explains each of these competences
How well are you preparing people for the future?

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  1. Hello Darren

    At WSI TAFE we are in the process of trialling this new technology. I am awaiting on information regarding the trial. This is very interesting.

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